The SHIN Lab

Cellular Mechanobiology, Microfluidics, and Tissue Engineering


Our goal is to unravel, through quantitative experiments and analyses under simplified conditions, the physical mechanisms underlying fascinating cellular dynamics. Our lab studies the mechanics of cells with special emphasis on the development of mechanical stimulation platforms to study cell responses.

My main research interests center around the emerging interdisciplinary mechanobiology. At the center of mechanobiology is the process of mechanotransduction, the way cells sense and respond to various mechanical stimulations. We focus on the development of mechanical stimulation systems suitable for biological assays to investigate cellular level mechanobiology in a number of different cell types. We aim to find links between physiological changes in disease and differentiation states and cellular biomechanics in light of therapeutic and tissue engineering applications. We also study biological motility at a cellular level as well as an organism level mechanoresponse of C. elegans in various mechanical environments.



We are looking for motivated postdoctoral scholars and graduate students with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, biology, and other related fields. Enthusiastic undergraduates are also welcome to apply to gain research experience. Please send your CV and academic transcripts to


N7-3, KAIST, 291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141
(+82) 042-350-3270 (Assistant Miss Juhee Kim)