Research scope of the SHIN lab:

Cellular Mechanobiology, Microfluidics, and Tissue Engineering


    • Cellular mechanobiology: Disease diagnostics & therapeutics
      • Development of physical stimulators
        • Design an integrated “cell friendly culture system”
          • Microfluidics based chip -Disease on a chip
          • Tensile, Compressive, or Electric Field
        • Characterization of the devices
      • Analysis tools to understand cellular responses
        • PIV based motility analysis
        • Traction force microscopy & Monolayer stress microscopy: Characterization of intra- & inter- cellular forces in a single cell & a cellular monolayer
        • Biological assays
    • Tissue engineering: Cell + Scaffold + hydrogel + Bioreactor
    • Plasma medicine: Versatile uses of atmospheric pressure plasma in medicine (wound healing and anti-cancer treatment)
    • Biological locomotion of a worm: Alterations of motility in various media of different physical parameters